The GR-Ex is pleased to announce the integration of a new team partner

The team of Stéphane Egée and Serge Thomas from the CNRS UMR 7150, which is affiliated with the Pierre et Marie Curie University has been officially integrated to the GR-Ex by the ANR.

The team of Stéphane Egée “Physiologie comparée des erythrocytes” is based in Roscoff at the Station biologique and was introduced to the GR-Ex community during the first GR-Ex Executive Committee meeting held on March 7-8th 2013 in Paris. Their current research activity is geared towards the description, at the molecular level, of ion channels present in the membrane of human red blood cells in order to determine their role in respiration, volume regulation, rigidity/deformability, aging and senescence in physiological and pathological conditions (malaria, sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis). We are confident that the expertise of the new team will bring new insights and enhance the overall GR-Ex research program.