The 2013 GR-Ex project call budgeted 250 K € to finance scientific projects, with a cap of 40K € per project, plus an envelope to recruit 2 graduate students (3 years scholarship), 2 post-doctorates (2 years contract), 1 Engineer for the “Erythropoiesis platform” (2 years contract) and 1 junction scholarship for 6 months.

While the overall cost of the projects is under the initial envelope, we received 3 projects for post-doctorates, no demand for graduate students and one request for a junction scholarship.

Based on the recommendations and discussions with the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), the Executive Committee (EC) of the GR-Ex decided to allocate the funds as follow:

Financed projects

  1. Gaël Nicolas: “Proteomic responses to Matriptase-2 deficiency in hepatocytes in primary culture”
  2. Sophie Vaulont: “Role of AMP activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) in erythropoiesis”
  3. Dominique Prié: “Control of erythropoiesis by FGF23 and Pit1”
  4. Michaela Fontenay: “Study of dyserythropoiesis and c-Kit expression on bone marrow erythroblasts from myelodysplastic syndromes by flow cytometry”


  1. Olivier Hermine: Engineer Platform on Erythropoiesis
  2. Pascal Amireault: Post-doctorate for the project “Characterization of the serotonin protective effect on red blood cells”
  3. Yaël Zermati:  Post-doctorate for the project “Identification of Caspases Targets and Study and Role of their Proteolysis In Erythropoiesis”
  4. Brigitte Ranque: Six month mission fundings for the CADRE project in Ivory Coast
  5. Dominique Prié: Post-doctorate for the project “Control of erythropoiesis by FGF23 and Pit1”