GR-Ex Core Facilities

Prof. Patrick Mayeux (UMR-S1016) is the scientific responsible of the Paris Descartes proteomic facility (3P5) that is open to all research teams either public or private.

The team of Prof. Paul Henri Romeo at the CEA (UMR-S967) has unique expertise in metabolomic analysis of human red blood cells. The metabolomic platform is also accessible for industrials that are interested in the metabolome of human RBC.

The team of the Prof. Pierre Buffet (UMR-S945) features a semi high throughput filtration system. Red blood cells are filtered through microsphere layers “microsphiltration” that are adapted to microplates for screening purposes.

The university of Bordeaux Segalen (Prof. Hubert de Verneuil, UMR S-1035) features a platform dedicated to the production of lentiviral and AAV vectors.

Dr. Philippe Noirez (IRMES) will be responsible to install and develop the facility located at the University Center of Les Saints Pères, Paris Descartes University. During exercise and training we propose to measure O2 uptake, CO2 production, respiratory quotient and animals physical performance. Non-invasive “Whole Body Composition” will allow us to determine lean mass, fat, free body fluid content and total body water of rats or mice, with a body mass from 10 to 900 grams.