The Labex GR-Ex developed a “European Red Cell School” (ERCS) tailored to high-level early-career hematology scientists and students in collaboration with the European School of Hematology (ESH). The program aims to ensure a sustained level of competence in the diagnostics and management of red cell pathologies through MD and graduate programs. Participants will be provided with valuable professional mentoring thereby enabling them to fully integrate into the GR-Ex community.

The 1st ERCS Training Course on red cells took place at the Chateau de Montvillargenne, Chantilly, France, from April 23th to April 26th 2014.

The 2nd ERCS Training Course will take place at the Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel, France, from October 28th to October 30th 2016.

Please visit the ESH website for further information.


Overview of the first series of lab workshops designed for students, engineers, technicians and MDs of GR-Ex partners.

Lab workshops:

Cytology, November 2014, 8 participants

Microsphiltration, November 2014, 3 participants

RBC adhesion, January 2015, 3 participants

Erythroid differentiation, March 2015, 2 participants

Lentiviral production, July 2015, 1 participant